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Hot Heal Care Stocks To Buy Right Now

Today, our Under the Radar Moversnewsletter suggestedgoing long on data storage solutions stock Crossroads Systems Inc (NASDAQ: CRDS):

With just a quick glance, Crossroads Systems looks like it’s just going sideways. The longer you study the chart of CRDS though, the more you can see a slight bullish undertow has developed. We’re counting on it developing some more, especially....More>>>

Top 10 Safest Stocks To Watch For 2018

Doug Hughes focuses on lesser-known, small cap regional banks; the editor of Bank Newsletter looks for banks that operate in attractive regional markets, often ones that would be attractive acquisition targets.

AvidBank Holdings (AVBH) has the fastest growth of any bank out there and yet is still one of the safest with almost no bad loans, and a great, great market area in Palo Alto,....More>>>

Top 10 Warren Buffett Stocks To Own Right Now

10 Best Jobs of the Future: 2017

5 More One Liners for Asking Friends to Do Business With You

Whos Warren Buffetts Successor? JPMorgan Says …

Ceter Financial Group said Monday that it has appointed Michael Zuna to serve as its chief marketing officer. Zuna most recently was CMO of Petco, while before that he had a similar role at AFLAC from 2009 to 2015.


Top 5 Undervalued Stocks To Own For 2018

Raiffeisen Bank International (OTCPK:RAIFY) is currently undervalued compared to its closest peers, which doesn’t seem to be warranted given its improving fundamentals. The bank has high exposure to Central and Eastern Europe, of which Russia and Ukraine are two important markets.

This was quite bad during 2014-15, but since then, Raiffeisen has implemented a restructuring program,....More>>>

Best Undervalued Stocks To Watch Right Now

The best way to value Ensco (ESV), and the offshore oil drillers more generally, is to value them on the basis of their assets. These companies are obviously not earning any money right now, and when they do earn money, their earnings are very cyclical in nature, thus making earnings based analyses (like DCF’s) that make projections of regular earnings into the future inapplicable. So, in....More>>>

Top 10 Casino Stocks For 2018

1. Topsy-turvy stocks: The volatility of the past few trading days could continue into Wednesday.

U.S. stock futures are moving down, indicating all the major indexes could drop by about 1% at the open.

Meanwhile, European markets are in recovery mode after falling by 2% to 3% on Tuesday.

News that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had struck a deal with her center-left....More>>>

Top 5 Value Stocks To Watch Right Now

Italy’s biggest bank plans to raise 13 billion ($13.8 billion) and slash thousands of jobs to shore up its finances.

The sweeping overhaul announced Tuesday by UniCredit SpA will push the total number of expected job losses at the Milan-based bank to 14,000 by 2019. That’s about 10% of its employees.

The job cuts will reduce costs by 1.1 billion ($1.2 billion).


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Social Security may be one of your largest assets. What and when you collect will make a huge difference to your lifetime benefits.

Today’s column explores filing for widow’s benefits, providing for disabled siblings and divorce. Larry Kotlikoff is the founder and president of Economic Security Planning, a company that markets Maximize My Social Security, a Social Security benefits....More>>>

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For our first post of 2017, we look at a small biotech concern that has an intriguing pipeline along with recent insider buying and a collaboration deal with a pharma giant.

Company Overview:

Calithera Biosciences (NASDAQ:CALA) is a South San Francisco, CA based clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on developing novel small molecule drugs directed against tumor metabolism....More>>>

Top 5 Safest Stocks To Own Right Now

Raven Industries(NASDAQ:RAVN)announced fiscal first-quarter 2018 results on Monday after the market closed, including strong growth across all segments, led by a nearly 50% increase from engineered films. Let’s take a closer look both at what drove business at the mini-industrial conglomerate as it kicked off the new fiscal year, and at what investors can expect going forward.