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Top 10 Safest Stocks To Invest In 2019

Virtually all companies talk about innovation. Only a few, like Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), back up their claims with substantive results. But lately, TSLA hasn’t looked like the cocksure organization for which they’re renowned. With shares dropping more than 5.5% on Thursday, investors openly wonder: should I buy Tesla stock? Or is going short Tesla the safest action?


Top 10 Safest Stocks To Watch For 2018

Our Long Idea reports aim to identify those firms that the market has overlooked and that, when analyzed beyond standard metrics, are significantly undervalued. These hidden gems provide excellent upside potential to any portfolio, with little downside risk.

In addition to individual Long Ideas, we provide Model Portfolios that provide well-screened lists of companies based on specific criteria....More>>>

Top 10 Warren Buffett Stocks To Invest In 2018

Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK-A) starts the way they all start, with the company’s gain in net worth for the year just passed and a statement about how well the stock has performed since Buffett took ownership 53 years ago.

Then he acknowledges that just $36 billion of the company’s net gain of $65.3 billion in 2017....More>>>

Top 10 Clean Energy Stocks To Own Right Now

Related KOL Coal Companies Lobby For Clean Energy Subsidies Silver Shines Among 2016's Best ETFs

The VanEck Vectors Coal ETF (NYSE: KOL) was one of last year's best-performing non-leveraged exchange-traded funds for a simple reason: Of the two nominees for the U.S. presidency,....More>>>

Top 10 Low Price Stocks To Own For 2019

When fear and volatility rear their ugly heads, investors will traditionally turn to more conservative investments — such as gold. Presumably, this is what happened during the bitterly fought presidential campaign. In 2016, the price of gold, which ended the year up about 8%, had climbed as much as 28% at one point.

Similarly, many gold stocks enjoyed quite the ride last year —....More>>>

Best High Tech Stocks To Watch For 2018

December 15, 2017: Here are four stocks trading with heavy volume among 80 equities making new 52-week lows in Friday’s session. On the NYSE advancers led decliners by more than 2 to 1 and on the Nasdaq, advancers led decliners by the same margin.

TrovaGene Inc. (NASDAQ: TROV) dropped about 44% Friday to post a new 52-week low of $0.24 after closing at $0.43 on Thursday. Volume was....More>>>

Top 5 Heal Care Stocks To Invest In 2018

It does not seem as if legendary value investor Seth Klarman (Trades, Portfolio), founder of the Baupost Group, is very confident about the seemingly incessant rise in U.S. stock markets. That puts him at odds with Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio), who seems as confident as ever in American markets.

In his recent letter, Klarman notes the markets are currently at “perilously high....More>>>

Top 5 Heal Care Stocks For 2018

Dreaming of the day that you say goodbye to the 9-5 grind for good? Us too … so we found someone who retired before 40 and asked how he did it.

The retail bloodbath claimed another victim last week: Toys “R” Us. For many children and adults, the closing brought back memories of walking through the aisles to find the perfect toy.

And if you still haven’t....More>>>

Best Safest Stocks To Watch Right Now

The stock market’s relentless march upward has pushed the prices of many companies higher. As investors bid up good and bad businesses alike, it can be hard to discern which companies are the best for long-term investors.

That’s especially true in the world of dividend stocks, where income-starved investors face greater temptation by the day to reach for high dividend stocks that....More>>>

stock market technical analysis

Stocks rose Thursday as Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen emphasizedthat the Fed is likely to raise interest rates ‘relatively soon’, which sent bond yields higher and gave banks a boost.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index gained 10.18 points, or 0.4%, to close at 2187.12, just 3 points short of its record closing high of 2190.15 set August 15. The Nasdaq composite index....More>>>