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Top 5 Blue Chip Stocks To Own For 2019

If you're like most investors, you've been led to believe that it's impossible to earn large amounts of investment income without taking big risks.   This idea – which you'll hear from many financial advisors and brokers – is simply wrong.   It is possible to earn double-digit annual yields on your money – safely – by selling options.   So why....More>>>

Top 10 Gold Stocks To Watch For 2019

December 28, 2016: Markets opened higher Wednesday but any recovery from Tuesday’s end-of-day selling failed to materialize. Trading reversed course from Tuesday, where every S&P sector showed a gain, to a trading day where every sector posted a loss. Real estate and financials led the downturn. WTI crude oil for February delivery settled at $54.06 a barrel, up about 0.3% on the day. February....More>>>

Best Undervalued Stocks To Own For 2018

Small-cap stocks can deliver explosive gains — or sizable losses. Choose well, and these high-risk yet potentially high-reward stocks can deliver multibagger returns and turbocharge your portfolio’s overall performance. But choose poorly, and a small-cap stock can produce painful losses, up to and including a complete loss of capital should the business be forced into bankruptcy.


Hot Undervalued Stocks To Buy For 2019

Trump Tax Proposal to Include Estate Tax Repeal

House Dems Blast Financial Choice Act, Call for Another Hearing

5 Quick Anthem Earnings Highlights for Agents

While author Michael Lewis was researching his book “Moneyball,” he was in the Oakland A’s locker room and noticed how unfit the naked players were when coming from the shower. When he mentioned to the....More>>>

Hot Casino Stocks To Watch For 2018

More than two years after a government crackdown on corruption sent Macau gaming stocks tumbling, The Chinese government has unveiled yet another new regulation on the Macau gaming industry that has hit gaming stocks hard. The latest new law cut the daily ATM withdrawal limit in Macau from 10,000 patacas to 5,000 patacas, or roughly $626.

Unfortunately, transparency and predictability has....More>>>

Best Clean Energy Stocks To Invest In Right Now

11 Best & Worst Broker-Dealers: Q4 Earnings, 2016

OMB Finishes Review of Fiduciary Rule Delay Request

DOL Moves to Delay Fiduciary Rule

The Dow Jones industrial average surged 300 points to top 21,000 for the first time, the dollar advanced and Treasuries fell as investors grew increasingly confident global economic growth is accelerating, clearing the path for higher interest....More>>>

Hot Stocks To Watch For 2018

As discussed in November, Amarin (NASDAQ:AMRN) had a decent chance of exceeding the high end of its net product revenue guidance range, and it has now indicated that it will modestly exceed the upper end of guidance. Net product revenues are expected to be above $125 million for 2016, although boosted by a few million due to changes in channel inventory.

For 2017, Amarin is guiding to around....More>>>

investment club

Earlier this year, Stanley Fischer laid down the law to the marketplace. He lambasted markets for their unrealistic pricing. In the great American tradition of Jonathan Edwards, the protestant preacher whose famous sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” warned what would happen to those who transgressed, Fischer warned market participants of a year to come much different from....More>>>

Top 5 Bank Stocks To Own Right Now

An economy begins to grow, picks up steam, peaks, slows down, and eventually contracts. The process is known as the business cycle – an inevitable progression from expansion to recession to renewal and recovery.

Central bank policy makers have been trying to eliminate recessions from the picture since the 1990s. Some folks believe that their prescriptions – lowering overnight....More>>>

stock marketing

PayPal Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: PYPL) reported first quarter financial results after markets closed Wednesday. The company posted $0.44 in earnings per share (EPS) and $2.98 billion in revenue, versus consensus estimates from Thomson Reuters that called for $0.41 in EPS and $2.94 billion in revenue. The same period from last year had $0.37 in EPS and $2.54 billion in revenue.

During the quarter....More>>>