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Hot Warren Buffett Stocks To Buy Right Now

Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio)’s annual letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK.A)(NYSE:BRK.B) was released last weekend, and as usual, Wall Street has spent the last few days dissecting the letter for any guidance and tips from the Oracle of Omaha on investing and strategy.

Buffett’s letter to investors has become somewhat of a yearly investment bible for value....More>>>

Best Medical Stocks To Buy Right Now

At 65, you retire, dutifully sign up for Medicare Parts A, B and D and select a Medicare supplement (medigap) policy to help cover your out-of-pocket costs. Its not cheap, but youre confident you have the insurance you need.

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Then you decide to go back to work. Maybe you need the money. Maybe a company makes you an offer you cant....More>>>

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Social Security is designed to help retirees replace a portion their work income, and the lower your average salary has been during your career, the greater the percentage of your salary Social Security will replace.

$40,000 a year is above the median per-person income in the U.S. and is a good salary in many parts of the country, but it’s less than what the typical household brings....More>>>

Top 10 Performing Stocks To Own Right Now

NEW YORK Welcome to where nearly everyone is below average.

It’s the world where investors try to pick which mutual funds will beat the market. It sounds great in theory, but the odds of doing it successfully over the long term can be slimmer than winning a lotto prize.

Twice each year, S&P Dow Jones Indices checks how fund managers are performing against indexes in various....More>>>

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Early retirement is a goal most people talk themselves out of before ever starting. It involves making lifestyle changes in order to accommodate hard-to-reach savings goals, and often going to extreme lengths to pay off debt quickly. The upside, of course, is shaving 10-30 years off your workload. I’ve interviewed people who are just starting to plan for an early retirement, and others who....More>>>