Best Stocks To Buy For 2013: Safest

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Pipeline blaze in the Gulf. Photo credit: AP Photo/US Coast Guard, Petty Officer 3rd Class Carlos Vega. So far, 2013 isn’t shaping up to be the energy industry’s safest year. A number of disasters have occurred, which have brought unwanted attention to the industry. Here’s a look at the industry’s five biggest blunders so far this year. A Herculean disaster averted in the GulfJust this past week, a blowout occurred on a Hercules (NASDAQ: HERO  ) -owned rig operating in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Natural gas leaking from a well off the coast of Louisiana caught fire and spread to the Hercules rig. Fortunately, all 48 personnel in the rig were safely evacuated. However, the incident underscores the risks of drilling offshore. It could have been a lot worse, as no one was hurt, and this is a natural gas well so the environmental threats are far … Continue reading

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The Boeing 777 is one of the safest planes on earth, and the Malaysia Airlines crash Friday should do nothing to tarnish that record — or that of parent company Boeing — unless a flaw is found in this incident, business analysts said. “This is the best international plane ever built yet — it’s got an impeccable track record after 20 years and over 1,200 deliveries,” said Richard Aboulafia, vice president for analysis with the Teal Group in Virginia. “It’s typically used on international routes and it’s established a new standard for international safety.” The crash in the South China Sea with 239 people aboard is Malaysia Airlines’ first crash in nearly 20 years. The Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash that killed three people last July also involved a 777, which struck a seawall and broke apart at San Francisco’s airport. But National Transportation Safety Board investigators have focused their … Continue reading

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2013 has been a fascinating year for the energy space, and many signs point to 2014 being a great year as well. Of course, not every company has as much potential as others, and some companies may not be slated to do as well as others. Here are three companies that may not be too exciting for investors during 2014 Cheniere Energy (NYSEMKT: LNG  ) : There are some certainties that make Cheniere Energy an attractive company. It has a major leg-up in the U.S. liquefied natural gas export market with the first facility slated to come online in 2015. It also has started up the construction of a second facility in Corpus Christi evident in the recent $9.5 billion deal with construction company Bechtel. This second facility is slated to come online in 2018. Add these things together and you get a company that will have a strong cash-generating machine … Continue reading

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Asian stocks fell as investors shied away from riskier assets after an unexpected drop in U.S. jobless claims fueled speculation the Federal Reserve will cut stimulus next month. Chinese shares reversed the biggest intraday surge since March 2009. Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. (ANZ) sank 3 percent after Australias third-largest bank by market value forecast interest margins will keep dropping. Hyundai Merchant Marine Co. jumped 6.9 percent in Seoul after North Korea and South Korea agreed to reopen the Gaeseong industrial complex. Chinese stock exchange officials are investigating a spike in the Shanghai Composite Index, which soared from a loss of as much as 1 percent to a gain of 5.6 percent in two minutes. Everbright Securities Co. said it experienced a trading error. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index slid 0.4 percent to 134.37 at the close of trading, with all but two of the 10 industry groups … Continue reading

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In 2007, Starbucks Founder Howard Schultz wrote a memo to key executives at SBUX entitled The Commoditization of the Starbucks Experience. Here is a reprint of that memo, with emphasis added on my part in bold: As you prepare for the FY 08 strategic planning process, I want to share some of my thoughts with you. Over the past ten years, in order to achieve the growth, development, and scale necessary to go from less than 1,000 stores to 13,000 stores and beyond, we have had to make a series of decisions that, in retrospect, have lead to the watering down of the Starbucks experience, and, what some might call the commoditization of our brand. Many of these decisions were probably right at the time, and on their own merit would not have created the dilution of the experience; but in this case, the sum is much greater and, unfortunately, … Continue reading