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Best Penny Stocks To Watch Right Now

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Top 10 Penny Stocks For 2018

The Trump administration is a drag on marijuana stocks.

Pot stocks have been getting killed since last week, when the White House signaled it would get tough on marijuana.

The share price for Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR), which buys buildings and leases them to growers of medical marijuana, has dropped every trading day since then, a total of nearly 8%.


Top 10 Penny Stocks To Buy Right Now

No matter what Nutanix (NASDAQ:NTNX) does, it just can’t seem to win back the favor of the markets. In the aftermath of a strong beat-and-raise quarter that ended a stellar fiscal year for Nutanix, the market shrugged off the stock, keeping it flat at a bargain price of $22.

Despite the market’s bored reaction to the stock, opinions of it are anything but. Like many of its high-growth,....More>>>

Hot Penny Stocks To Own Right Now

Investors searching for the top penny stocks to watch in 2018will want to take a close look at the three stocks we have on our list today, one of which is the top-performing penny stock of the year, with shares up 513.87% year to date.

But while penny stocks can bring triple-digit returns in a matter of weeks, they are also speculative investments that can see big pullbacks after making....More>>>

best securities to invest in

Heres a roundup of everything that happened on Stocks to Watch today:

Enid Alvarez for the Wall Street Journal

We looked at Bristol-Meyers Squibb’s (BMY) failed drug test, considered much the failure could cost the pharmaceutical giant, tried to look on the bright side, and explained why it’s a big win for Merck (MRK).

We highlighted Jefferies’ upgrade of U.S.....More>>>

Top 10 Penny Stocks To Invest In Right Now

If you want to knowhow to profit from penny stocks in 2017, you have to know how to conduct research to spot shady companies. Today, we’re going to show you one of the most important tips for easily identifying safe penny stocks this year.

VideoThe 3 Best Strategies for Trading Penny Stocks Today

Penny stocks attract investors because they offer triple-digit returns, sometimes....More>>>

Best Penny Stocks To Own For 2019

Penny stocks are a great opportunity for investors who want to pursue gains without having to invest large amounts of capital. That’s why the Money Morning team is bringing you the three top penny stocks to watch in April 2018.

It’s important to note that while penny stocks can provide investors with significant gains, they are also inherently risky. While there are a few....More>>>

Best Penny Stocks To Own For 2019

A majority of Americans now favor legalizing marijuana, with 29 states already legalizing medicinal marijuana, making cannabis one of the most exciting new industries to invest in.

That’s why today we’ll show you our three best marijuana penny stocks to buy in 2018.

Now, marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, which makes investing in cannabis stocks riskier....More>>>

Hot Penny Stocks To Watch For 2018

When I started investing over 25 years ago, I read any stock book I could get my hands on. I wish the first book about investing I found would have beenBenjamin Graham’s classic The Intelligent Investor. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. I read Wade Cook’sWall Street Money Machine. With little money in my brokerage account, I latched onto his “rolling stock” concept and applied....More>>>

Top 10 Penny Stocks To Watch For 2019

Penny stocks are a great opportunity for investors seeking soaring returns without having to empty the bank. That’s why we’re giving you our picks for our three top penny stocks to watch right now.

You see, buying penny stocks gives investors the chance to control a large amount of shares with very little investment. This gives investors with limited capital the opportunity....More>>>