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Top 10 Casino Stocks For 2018

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Many active managers complain about the rise of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and&a;nbsp;Google (Alphabet)....More>>>

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QI signed up for Medicare Part A when I turned 65, but I didnt enroll in Part B because I was still working and had health insurance from my employer. But now Im 68, and I plan to retire later this year. What do I need to do to enroll in Medicare Part B, and when do I need to do it?

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Many people who are still working just sign up for....More>>>

Top 5 Undervalued Stocks For 2017

This is the inaugural article within a series on German Dividend Champions. These are great dividend investments in German stocks which are currently undervalued and offer significant upside potential. Compared to US stocks like PG or JNJ even the German heavyweights have less impressive and long-reaching dividend track records. That’s why I regularly will only refer to historic data beginning....More>>>

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If you are going to succeed in investing in 2017, you need to get over one simple thought.   This should be simple. But it will be far more difficult than you can imagine.   You see, NOBODY will believe you. EVERYONE else will believe down to their toes that it's wrong. So you will have to stand alone among your friends and colleagues.   This thought will be like religion or....More>>>

Top Casino Stocks For 2017

A recently discovered leak in a crucial pipeline that carries gasoline to the east coast has resulted in the closure of that pipeline. That leaves many residents of the eastern United States wondering how much gas prices will rise, and whether local service stations will run out of gasoline.

CNN Money commented on the pipeline closure:

A section of the Colonial Pipeline, which runs....More>>>

Best Value Stocks To Own Right Now

Commercial real estate is behind the times.

That might come as a surprise, especially since the industry is valued at $12.6 trillion. Thankfully, a growing community of tech startups is beginning to address common issues that plague the industry.

Just weeks ago, Hightower and VTS, software solutions that help real estate professionals and owners manage the sales....More>>>

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GoPro’s (NASDAQ:GPRO) success in the action camera market hasn’t happened in a vacuum, and has certainly been noticed by competitors. And the company’s natural product line extensions are entering markets that competitors have already invested in heavily.

The crowded market shows: In early 2017, GoPro has been losing out to the competition in three areas for a variety of....More>>>

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The staffing industry – and the IT staffing industry in particular – is poised for tremendous growth in the foreseeable future, and that rising tide bodes very well for Staffing 360 Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:STAF).

For those who’ve followed the sociopolitical rhetoric it would be easy to conclude what job growth we’ve seen in the past few years has been measly, made even....More>>>

Best Value Stocks To Buy For 2017

DELAFIELD, Wis. (Stockpickr) — Corporate insiders sell their own companies’ stock for a number of reasons.

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They might need the cash for a big personal purchase such as a new house or yacht, or they might need the cash to fund a charity. Sometimes they sell as part of a planned selling program that they have put....More>>>