Best Stocks To Buy For 2013: PCH

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Abbott Labs’ second-quarter earnings beat Wall Street’s projections, as the company continues to perform well in its post-branded pharmaceuticals life. However, Abbott’s medical device business couldn’t keep up its more successful segments, even as the company has made progress in key areas such as drug-eluting stents, while advancing into emerging markets.Overall, device sales fell 1.6% year-over-year for the quarter. Abbott’s made a few recent acquisitions to beef up this business, and the company’s stellar Xience stent remains atop the industry. Are Abbott’s plans for the future enough to turn around this division’s slumping sales, however? Below, Motley Fool contributor Dan Carroll tells you what you need to know about Abbott’s device business, and how this segment will impact this well-diversified company — and your portfolio — in the future. Abbott’s diversity and international edge have made this stock one of health care’s safest and most reliable picks in the past. … Continue reading

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Japanese stocks are poised to surpass this years high set in May as a stronger U.S. economy weakens the yen and Prime Minister Shinzo Abes reflation policy leads to wage increases, according to BNP Paribas Investment Partners SA and SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. Japans Nikkei 225 Stock Average capped a 7.7 percent jump last week, the steepest rally in almost four years, after Janet Yellen, the nominee to succeed Ben S. Bernanke as Fed chairman, said she will ensure bond-buying isnt ended until she sees a robust recovery. A 3.1 percent gain would take the equity gauge past a 5 1/2-year high reached May 22. The yen dropped past 100 versus the dollar last week for the first time in two months. U.S. quantitative easing will be reduced eventually, but that wont have much of a negative impact because it happens on the back of the strong economic recovery, said … Continue reading

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Disclosure: I own MSFT stock Microsoft Corporation seems to be getting its business strategy right, as evidenced by a recent earnings report. Yesterday, the company announced revenue of $24.52 billion for the quarter ending December 31, 2013. Gross margin, operating income, net income, and diluted earnings per share for the quarter were $16.24 billion, $7.97 billion, $6.56 billion, and $0.78 per share, respectively. Markets liked the numbers sending Microsofts stock higher in early Friday morning trade a bright spot in a down day for Wall Street. One notable area of improvement has been the companys tablet segment. Surface revenue more than doubled sequentially, from $400 million in the first quarter to $893 million in the second quarter. We delivered record revenue as demand for our business offerings remains high and we made strong progress in our Devices and Consumer segment, said Amy Hood, chief financial officer at Microsoft. These results … Continue reading

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As a young investor I followed an aggressive growth strategy. Having narrowly missed the tech bubble bursting, I purchased my first dividend stock on December 11, 2003. I had heard dividend investments were supposed to be safer, but knew very little else about the strategy. I was fortunate enough to accidentally buy enough good dividend stocks learn the secret of dividend investing. It is not necessarily starting with a high-yield investment, but ending up with a high-yield investment. This usually occurs by buying stocks with a moderate yield and a long history of growing dividends and letting time do its job. This week several companies are building future yield by increasing the cash dividends paid to their shareholders: Avago Technologies Limited (AVGO) engages in the design, development, and supply of analog semiconductor devices with a focus on III-V based products. December 11th the company increased its quarterly dividend 8.7% to … Continue reading

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Getty Images It has been said that the way to make money when investing is to “buy low” and “sell high.” But how do we actually do that? Take out your last fund performance statement and let’s break down an effective way to fine-tune your mutual fund performance and ready your investments for the new year. 1. Today’s losers are tomorrow’s winners. This may seem counterintuitive, but consider buying into your losers. When reviewing your mutual fund performance for the past year, if you see a couple of mutual funds that appear to be poor performers, they may be strong contenders for additional purchases when you rebalance. When it comes to mutual fund performance, today’s losers are quite likely tomorrow’s winners. S&P Dow Jones Indices issues a “Persistence Scorecard” twice a year, tracking the consistency of top-performing mutual funds from year to year. It has found that very few funds … Continue reading