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Hot Growth Stocks To Own For 2018

Mobileye (NYSE:MBLY) remains a difficult stock to value. The fast growth of driver-assisted systems and huge market opportunity is offset by a stock valuation already factoring in a ton of growth.

The end result is that the stock trades below $40 now following what was a solid Q3. Mobileye generally trades at the midpoint of the stock range since going public back in mid-2014. Again,....More>>>

Top 5 Growth Stocks To Invest In 2018

According to a report by Research Beam, the Global Data Center Market is estimated to grow at 10.7% annually through the period 2016 to 2020. The growth in the industry is attributed to the increasing demand among organizations to move to virtualization and automation while demanding higher operational efficiency. London-based Global Switch (SWITCH) is a Billion-Dollar Unicorn player in the data....More>>>

Best Growth Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Target (TGT) jumped to the top of the S&P 500 today after its earnings hit the, er, target with investors.

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Shares of Target gained 6.4% to $76.04 today, while the S&P 500 declined 0.2% to 2,176.94.

Cowen’s Oliver Chen and team contend that “less negative…comps & solid margins drive good upside”:

3Q summary: Comps were down....More>>>

Wednesday’s Biggest Winners and Losers in the S&P 500

Source: ThinkstockSeptember 12, 2017: The S&P 500 closed relatively up 0.07% at 2,498.26. The DJIA closed up 0.17% at 22,156.18. Separately, the Nasdaq was up 0.09% at 6,460.19.

Although the U.S. broad markets ended the day relatively flat, the S&P 500 touched a new all-time high even if just briefly. Also the DJIA and Nasdaq are also within points of their respective all-time....More>>>

Best Growth Stocks To Watch For 2018

This Top Pick is a small-cap manufacturer that sells premium heating, ventilating, and cooling equipment; it is recommended for the enterprising dividend growth investor, suggests Matthew Castel, money manager and editor of Logos LP Blog.

Aaon Inc. (AAON) is an Oklahoma-based, family-owned and operated firm, with 23.54% insider ownership. It is an excellent business to own for the....More>>>

Top 5 Growth Stocks For 2018

Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) is an incredibly well-run business with impressive fundamentals as a direct result. That’s it; no need to discuss about the atmosphere in the stores, rewards programs, Pokemon Go, or even Chinese market penetration. That is the job of the management. The company has proven its worth year after year through its strong fundamental growth.

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Top 10 Growth Stocks To Invest In Right Now

By Rob Otman

Gigamon (NYSE:GIMO) is a $2 billion company today. Investors that bought shares one year ago are sitting on a 19.15% total return. That’s above the S&P 500’s return of 14.71%.

Gigamon stock is beating the market, but does that make it a good buy today? To answer this question we’ve turned to the Investment U Stock Grader. Our research team built this....More>>>

Top 5 Growth Stocks To Buy Right Now

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the best stock to buy now

Investment Summary

An easy to understand enterprise that comes at an attractive valuation, Crown Crafts Inc (NASDAQ:CRWS) is cheap on free cashflows and the strength of its balance sheet. Having generated stable free cashflows in the last five years, I am highly convinced of company’s future free cash flow generation capabilities. If bought at the current market valuation of $ 76m,....More>>>

investment club

My husband and I will be retiring soon and are thinking of using the 4% rule to draw income from our retirement portfolio. We don’t want to run out of money, but we also don’t want to spend too little. Is there some sort of “reset” we should do periodically to ensure we don’t end up with too little or too much money later in retirement?–K.B.

You raise an....More>>>