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Top 5 Gold Stocks To Own Right Now

December 29, 2016: Markets opened higher Thursday but were unable to hold onto early gains, probably due to some selling as traders get their ducks in a row for the new year. Equities have bounced around the break-even line most of the day. Utilities is the best performing sector while financials is the worst. WTI crude oil for February delivery settled at $53.77 a barrel, down about 0.5% on the....More>>>

best shares to invest in now

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The proliferation of and assets flowing to smart beta exchange-traded funds are themes ETF industry....More>>>

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Trinity Industries (NYSE:TRN) is a leading company that specializes in industrial products and services. They offer railcars, railcar parts and leasing, management and maintenance products. They also offer additional services such as barges, storage and distribution containers as well as highway products and wind towers.

The company which is based in Dallas, Texas was founded in 1933 and....More>>>

Top 10 Medical Stocks To Own For 2017

The next-generation of cholesterol drugs -– compounds that inhibit PCSK-9 -– were approved in 2016; these targeted drugs rapidly reduce LDL cholesterol in a wide variety of patients with cardiovascular disease, notes Jay Silverman, editor of The Medical Technology Stock Letter.

Despite their unheralded efficacy, the PSCK-9s have rolled out slowly as they were approved to....More>>>