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AMD And CTS Labs: A Story Of Failed Stock Manipulation

On March 13th, 2018, CTS Labs announced that they have found no less than 13, yes, count them, 13 vulnerabilities in AMD’s (AMD) Ryzen and EPYC architectures. To back up this claim they have had their findings reviewed by not less than ONE, yes, just one, company, Trail of Bits. To further bolster their claim they have produced one, yes, just one, screenshot of one affected machine where the....More>>>

"The U.S. Is Under Attack" – Major Profits From Cybersecurity

Frankly, the United States is under attack.

Thats Director of national intelligence Dan Coats assessment to the Senate Intelligence Committee last month.

According to Coats, were under threat of cyberattack from not just Russia and China, but Iran and North Korea, too.

Russia wants to subvert our democracy and undermine our society. A weak and divided opponent is easier to deal....More>>>

VMware: Stay Long

VMware (NYSE:VMW), the company best known for its invention of so-called “virtual machines,” or the ability to use software to allocate operating system resources from a remote server to a third-party client, deserves a lot more love than it’s getting, in my opinion. The company posted a solid Q3 underlined by fantastic billings, a top-line beat, and a deluge of free cash flows.....More>>>

Billion-Dollar Unicorns: Atlassian Hits A New High

In December 2015, legitimate Billion-Dollar Unicorn and collaboration software maker Atlassian (NASDAQ:TEAM) had a successful IPO that valued it at $5.8 billion, and today its stock is trading in the public market at almost double that valuation.

Atlassian’s Financials

In its most recent first quarter results, Atlassian had a strong quarter beating analyst estimates. It reported....More>>>

Cisco Systems Q4 Earnings: Progress?

Large cap networking stock Cisco Systems, Inc (NASDAQ: CSCO) reported the following Q4 and Fiscal 2017 earnings after the Wednesday market close:

Q4 GAAP Results Q4 FY 2017 Q4 FY 2016 Vs. Q4 FY 2016 Revenue $ 12.1 billion $ 12.6 billion (4)% Net Income $ 2.4 billion $ 2.8 billion (14)% Diluted Earnings per Share (EPS) $ 0.48 $ 0.56 (14)% Fiscal Year GAAP....More>>>

7 Dividend Stocks to Buy on a Summer Swoon

Most of us are aware that the stock market continues to climb higher and higher. New high after new high continues to bless the Dow Jones, S&P 500 Index and Nasdaq Composite. The VIX — also known as the “fear gauge” — is hovering near record lows. That’s got some high-quality dividend stocks looking a tad expensive.

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Microsoft, Cisco Sink the DJIA on Tuesday

June 27, 2017: Markets opened lower Tuesday with tech stocks weaker on news of the $2.7 billion fine the European Union hit Google with. The consumer confidence index rose a full point, better than an expected slight drop and retail gas prices for the coming holiday weekend are expected to be the lowest in a dozen years. WTI crude oil for August delivery settled at $44.24 a barrel, up 2% on....More>>>

Nvidia Is Growing Super Fast, But Its Growth Is Already Account For

Investment Thesis

NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) has grown its revenues very aggressively in the past 3 years. This article appreciates this fact. What this article attempts to do is put into perspective NVIDIA’s current trading valuation.

I argue that in spite of superb business opportunities ahead, this growth is already accounted for. Currently, it is priced with no margin of safety....More>>>

Cisco, Boeing Lift DJIA on Monday

May 22, 2017: Markets opened higher Monday and although the ride has been a little bumpy, equities have remained around a narrow band near the indexes’ daily highs. Among the sectors, only energy is trading in the red as we approach the closing bell. Best performing sectors were utilities, consumer staples, and industrials. WTI crude oil for June delivery settled at $50.73 a barrel, up....More>>>

Johnson & Johnson, Cisco Systems Lift DJIA Monday

May 15, 2017: Markets opened higher Monday helped, perhaps, by the reported agreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia to extend the current production cuts to crude oil through the first quarter of 2018. Sector gains are widespread with only telecom down significantly. WTI crude oil for June delivery settled at $48.85 a barrel, up 2.1 on the day. June gold added 0.2% for the day to settle at....More>>>