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Sometimes price target hikes just are not enough to keep a rally going after a big news-pop. That may even be the case in the oil and gas sector these days, particularly for the companies which have seen their shares nearly double off of their recent lows. Diamondback Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: FANG) saw numerous price targets raised by analysts after their guidance created a big share price gain on Monday.....More>>>

Top 5 Financial Stocks For 2018

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Inotek Pharmaceuticals is due to release their phase 3 results regarding trabodenoson, their main drug candidate, that will push the stock up to $15-$20 or down to $5/share. I believe the phase 3 data will be positive, based on previous trial results.

Company Overview

Inotek Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ITEK) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the treatment....More>>>

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If you hear the words “Irrevocable Trust,” you probably think of an estate planning tool designed to protect assets from inheritance tax. Or maybe to protect assets for Medicaid planning purposes. But Trusts can be used in a surprising variety of ways, especially during your lifetime.

Take NBA player Michael Carter-Williams. Instead of....More>>>

Best Canadian Stocks To Watch Right Now

Canada’s dairy policy could be at the forefront of Trump’s NAFTA negotiations over the next few weeks.

You see, Canada uses a supply management system to regulate dairy production and pricing. And last year, the country implemented a low-price policy that created an entirely new class of milk prices for ultra-filtered milk, which is used in everything from cheese to yogurt.....More>>>

Top 5 Canadian Stocks To Buy Right Now

Canada is ready to play hard ball with President Trump.

Canadian leaders are pushing back after the Trump administration slapped 20% tariffs Monday night on Canadian lumber, along with individual tariffs on five specific firms that ranged from 3% to 24%.

“When it comes to defending Canada’s economic interests, we’re going to play hard,” Canada’s Foreign....More>>>

Hot Oil Stocks To Buy For 2017

Oil prices have surged 51% since hitting a low in January 2016, and to help investors profit from that rise, we’ve made a list of the best oil stocks to buy in 2017.

Since hitting its 10-year low of $35.73 a barrel in January, WTI crude oil prices have soared 51% to $54.12 a barrel.

And Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors says oil prices can go even higher....More>>>

Hot Canadian Stocks To Buy For 2017

Back on March 1st, I wrote that Royal Bank of Canada (NYSE:RY) was “a great value” with shares down at $51. Today, US shares of Royal sit at $61, a significant appreciation in value over the last six months. Overall, that would be a gain of about 19%. Not bad at all.

Courtesy of Google Finance.

Shares are significantly higher today. In addition, Royal Bank of Canada....More>>>

Top 10 Canadian Stocks To Buy For 2017

I like to allocate anywhere between 5-15% of my portfolio to lottery stocks. Usually they are cyclical or have a lot of leverage. And most of the time there is some sort of catalyst that will unlock value on the horizon. I would not advice large positions in any of these stocks. It is also best not to spend large amounts of time analyzing them as they will be small positions and are depending on....More>>>

Top Safest Stocks To Buy Right Now

Throughout the 1980's, Africa lost almost half of its elephant population. By the end of decade, countries from around the world agreed on a global ban on the ivory trade.

As demand for ivory in Asia continues to surge (take a look at the results of this NatGeo survey that evaluates who buys ivory and why), an increasing number of countries are seeking to capitalize on the opportunity.....More>>>

Top 10 Financial Stocks To Own Right Now

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When it comes to the financial press, I tend to hit the mute button… until I catch a headline about a stock or sector that’s actually worth my time.

So yesterday, I turned the volume up when the pundits started talking about Apple, Inc. (AAPL) and the recent leaks about its latest smartphone, the iPhone 8.

Inevitably, the “topic du jour”....More>>>