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Top 5 Financial Stocks For 2018

Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG) is one of the world’s largest producers of consumer packaged goods. Despite the company’s share price movement followed an upward trend since the beginning of this year (see Picture 1), P&G’s performance leaves much to be desired. On the one hand, the company’s revenues are negatively affected by macroeconomic conditions, and mainly currency....More>>>

Top Insurance Stocks To Invest In Right Now

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Arguments about health care reform are raging around the country. The Republicans are busy gutting Obamacare and reneging on the President’s promise to provide coverage for all. In fact, Brookings estimates 15 million will lose health care coverage as a result of the Republican plan.

Both parties focus legislation on how we pay for health....More>>>

Best Insurance Stocks To Watch Right Now

How Morgan Stanley Is Changing Its Advisor Business Model

Distributions Out of a Cash Value Life Insurance Policy

Killing Fiduciary Rule Seen as New DOL Chiefs Top Priority

Financial firms continue to roll out robo plans and tweak automation-based investing options. As in the fund universe, all robos are not created equal.

In its third quarterly report, RIA Condor Capital....More>>>

Best Medical Stocks To Watch Right Now

The Cooper Companies Inc (NYSE:COO) files its latest 10-K with SEC for the fiscal year ended on October 31, 2017. The Cooper Companies Inc is a medical device company operating through its subsidiaries. It manufactures products for contact lens wearers and supplies women’s health clinicians with products and treatment options to improve the delivery of healthcare. The Cooper Companies Inc....More>>>

Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Watch For 2018

Buying the right dog for you and your family is always an extremely important decision. There’s a lot to consider the pup’s temperament, how big he’ll grow to be versus your living arrangements, and the cost of upkeep and medical care. Granted you should always consider adopting from your local shelter, because it’ll save both the dog and some cash for you,....More>>>

Top 5 Insurance Stocks To Own For 2018

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One goal of The Affordable Care Act was to encourage Americans to become better-informed health care consumers. The theory was, by paying more out-of-pocket for our care, we would shop more wisely for services. The hitch is that most consumers have never learned how to purchase health care to keep our medical bills down.


Top 5 Insurance Stocks To Invest In 2018

2016’s Top 10 Life Insurance Providers Ranked by NAIC

DOL Fiduciary Rule Winners and Losers

Despite DOL Fiduciary Suspension, Merrill, Morgan Stanley Roll Out Products

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker resigned on Tuesday as he disclosed his role in the leak of confidential information about the policy options that the Fed was considering in 2012.


Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Invest In 2018

Introduction – setting the thematic stage

On Wednesday, both large cap biotechs (NASDAQ:IBB) and their small cap brethren (NYSEARCA:XBI) reversed down about 4% during a press conference given by President-elect Trump, in which he threatened the pharmaceutical industry with tough bargaining from the Federal government. One suspects he was referring to Medicare Part D, where each insurance....More>>>

Top 5 Insurance Stocks To Watch For 2018

Ask someone if they want to leave a legacy after theyre gone, and theyll almost assuredly answer yes. Ask someone if they know how to go about accomplishing such a benevolent task, and theyll probably say, I have no idea.

You might be surprised to learn theres a simple solution: your life insurance policy.

The payout from a life insurance policy (called a death benefit) can be a legacy....More>>>

Hot Insurance Stocks To Invest In 2018

The U.S. government took its first steps to repealing the Affordable Care Act on Monday, with House Republicans releasing a detailed proposal in Congress. The proposal repeals much of the ACA and replaces it with a plan to help people buy insurance if they are not provided one by their employer. This is proposed to be done by creating a new tax credit tied to an individual’s age and income.....More>>>