Netbox Global Grows After Partnership With GDA Capital

During the COVID-19 pandemic internet usage and streaming has increased by up to 70 percent. Likewise, the American Computing Association found that traffic volume has grown by 15 – 20 percent.  This is mostly due to people working from home and spending extra time communicating through these services. 

In this climate, new applications such as Netbox.Browser have seen explosive growth as the need for secure browsing services continues to increase. The browser enables activities such as online browsing, gaming, betting, and staking all from within a blockchain-based secure environment. It is the first web browser that does not have a centralized infrastructure and all personal data belongs strictly to users. It achieves this by assigning individual addresses in the blockchain network to each web browser.

At the beginning of Q3 2021, its development team, Netbox Global, and the North American blockchain leader GDA Capital began a partnership with the aim to expand its global brand initiatives and digital growth strategy. GDA Capital is a global organization known for providing financial technology services to innovative blockchain companies such as Netbox Global. By working together, they have achieved significant milestones over the past two months in the form of social and community, platform user, and product suite growth.

As Netbox Global’s flagship product, Netbox.Browser has accumulated over 50,000 new users. A sharp increase from 250,000 to 300,000 in just two months. Moreover, the company’s social media and community following has seen an annualized rate of over 90 percent and over 150 percent per month on engagement. This is due to strategic initiatives with its new partner and has led Co-founder and Head of Product Andrew Kononykhin to comment on the matter. “With 50,000 new users, and the launch of our bridge solution, Netbox is in an opportune position to service the growing group of users who are now looking for decentralized forms of web browsing, game playing, and other forms of online engagement.”

The recent growth also comes in hand with the launch of Netbox.Bridge. The tridirectional bridge between the Ethereum Blockchain, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Netbox.Chain gave access to the company’s product suite to over 3 million users across all protocols. These users will now be able to use the Netbox.Bridge token (NBXB) for smart contracts, DeFi markets, and DEX listing transactions.

Data privacy is one of the key value propositions made by blockchain-based companies and is one that will continue to drive Netbox’s fast-paced growth. By possessing no central servers, the company returns the value of data back to users, eschewing practices such as tracking user history, bookmarks, password or other personal data. This vision will continue to attract collaboration with firms such as GDA Capital as it builds roads in the direction of blockchain technology’s main goals of decentralization and privacy.
Image Sourced from Monccur PR

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