Namaste Technologies is Smokin’ Hot as Canada Prepares to Legalize Pot

With all the news about North Korea, Russia, Mueller, and Matt Lauer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and skim over some of the more interesting investment opportunities that are on the market these days. Take for instance Namaste Technologies Inc, (OTCBB: NXTTF) (CNSX: N.CN), a Vancouver, BC based company poised to become a leading supplier of cannabis products as marijuana becomes legalized in each country.

Yesterday’s newsletter featured Namaste and discussed the strong foundation the company has built for distribution of cannabis delivery systems, which is a fancy term for vaporizers and other smoking accessories. Currently selling though e-commerce platforms in 26 countries, Namaste has majority market share in Europe and Australia. Of course the real opportunity is in the cannabis itself, and Namaste Technologies hopes to capitalize on the strength of it’s accessories distribution and market share as marijuana is legalized in various countries around the world.

In an interesting twist, the company today announced in a press release that it was divesting itself of wholly owned US subsidiary, Dollinger Enterprises US Inc. (Dollinger US). The divestiture includes the sale of the domain names and which combined represent less than 7% of Namastes current gross revenue, both of which are currently operating at a net loss. This decision is due primarily because of political uncertainty surrounding the legalization of marijuana in the United States.

Namaste’s management has decided to shift its focus to legal cannabis markets, primarily in preparation for the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana in Canada. This decision better aligns Namaste with many of its Canadian counterparts and will enable the Company to capitalize on more accretive opportunities moving forward.

Namaste Technologies has seen its stock surge in the past week, and despite a slight pull back in the market today, the company is taking proactive measures to cut loose the deadwood so it can capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves. Recreational marijuana is expected to become legal in Canada in July of 2018, and in anticipation of this legislation, cannabis companies have become hot investments. Canaccord Genuity Group Inc. estimates sales of recreational pot could reach $6 billion CAD annually by 2021.

Consider that Namaste Technologies is already a global leader in delivery systems for medicinal cannabis, the company is well positioned to optimize the sale of vaporizers, pipes and other dry herb related paraphilia as marijuana becomes legalized across the globe.

Although many US states have established some form of medical and/or recreational marijuana legalization, the US federal government remains firm on its position regarding cannabis prohibition. Namaste Technologies believes this poses challenges in both the short and medium term, limiting growth opportunities in more progressive markets. Under the terms of the divestiture agreement, Namaste will retain all of its existing database of over 520,000 US consumers, and intends on leveraging that data once US federal legalization is in place. The company will receive $400,000 USD as a result of this sale.

As if that weren’t interesting enough to spark interest in investment, market data indicates that companies that are identified with recreational as opposed to medical marijuana, are seeing their stock prices surge amid speculation of investment from alcoholic-beverage companies. Last month, Corona beer seller Constellation Brands Inc. agreed to buy a minority stake in Canopy, representing the first major foray by an alcohol company into Canadas cannabis industry.

While it’s critical to do your own research before making any investment, if you are considering the cannabis market for your portfolio, Namaste Technologies may be worth a long look.