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By now, you may tune out TV commercials touting offers for free credit scores — which often have expensive strings attached. But theres a new way to get a free score that is truly free. Through the FICO Score Open Access program, lenders can provide FICO scores at no charge to their customers, who see the same scores that the lenders are using to evaluate their accounts. See Also: Will It Sink Your Credit Score? Lenders may also offer customers additional free material from FICO, such as a personalized statement of significant factors affecting your score. You may be able to see the score through your online account with the lender, on paper statements or with mobile devices. Keep in mind that the version of the FICO score that your credit card company reveals may not be the same one that, say, your auto or mortgage lender uses. Top 10 … Continue reading

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With shares of US Airways (NYSE:LCC) trading around $23, is LCC an OUTPERFORM, WAIT AND SEE. or STAY AWAY? Lets analyze the stock with the relevant sections of our CHEAT SHEET investing framework. T = Trends for a Stock’s Movement US Airways operates and owns passenger and freight airline carriers. Consumers and companies across the nation are now looking to travel at an increasing rate. Since air travel is quicker and less expensive, it is becoming a common transportation method for many. As costs decrease and flights become more efficient, look for business and retail customers to fly more than ever. US Airways and AMR Corp.s(AARMQ.PK) American Airlines will reportedly have to make antitrust concessions at more than just Ronald Reagan International Airport outside of Washington, D.C., if the airlines want the U.S. Department of Justice to drop a suit blocking their proposed merger. A source familiar with the talks … Continue reading

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Five years ago, in May 2007, I posted my first article on GuruFocus. It was called, Why Do We Sell Low and Buy High? and it described some of the mistakes that we commit as investors. We all know the depths that we went through since May 2007. For many people, fear was all they felt (and some unfortunately still do). Many investors committed the same mistakes (as well as others), and many people who have committed their hard-earned money without knowing the basics of investments have ended up frustrated, fearful and with unsatisfactory results. I decided to use my first article and make it into a book. Hopefully the book will help to answer the question Why do we sell low and buy high? and many other questions, as well as teach the reader about the basics of the stock market, its participants and provide checklists and insights that … Continue reading

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When McDonalds Corp. (NYSE: MCD filed its Form 10-K with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday, the company listed a new risk factor to its business. The company said that its ability to increase sales and grow profits depends largely on how well it can execute its latest initiatives.The quality of that execution depends on a number of factors, including this one: The impact on our margins of labor costs that we cannot offset through price increases, and the long-term trend toward higher wages and social expenses in both mature and developing markets, which may intensify with increasing public focus on matters of income inequality An analyst at research firm IBISWorld told Al Jazeera that McDonalds may be using this SEC filing to warn investors that the company intends to raise its minimum wage this year and get out ahead of the continuing calls for higher wages for … Continue reading

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