great stocks to buy now

If you’re itching to start investing in the stock market, who could blame you? It’s where Warren Buffett and countless others have made much of their money, and it’s just about the best way to build wealth over the long term. But hold your horses: First use these six questions as a checklist to make sure you can afford to invest.

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1. Do you have $25 or more?

Let’s start with an easy question. Do you have some extra dollars? You might think you need a lot, as a single share of Warren Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway recently cost $162 — or $243,000! — depending on the class of shares. shares, meanwhile, were recently near $800 a pop, while Priceline Group shares topped $1,500 each. Gobs of companies trade at much lower stock prices, though — often below $100.

great stocks to buy now: Bank of Hawaii Corporation(BOH)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Monica Gerson]

    Bank of Hawaii Corporation (NYSE: BOH) is expected to report its quarterly earnings at $0.99 per share on revenue of $149.88 million.

    Zions Bancorporation (NASDAQ: ZION) is projected to post its quarterly earnings at $0.39 per share on revenue of $576.49 million.

great stocks to buy now: Vanguard Mega Cap Value ETF (MGV)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Todd Shriber, ETF Professor]

    Three of Vanguard's mega-cap equity ETFs now sport annual expense ratios of 0.07 percent, down from 0.09 percent. Those ETFs are the Vanguard Mega Cap ETF (NYSE: MGC), Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Growth Index ETF (NYSE: MGK) and the Vanguard Mega Cap Value Index ETF (NYSE: MGV).

great stocks to buy now: Tidewater Inc.(TDW)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Lisa Levin]

    In trading on Friday, energy shares slipped by 0.20 percent. Meanwhile, top losers in the sector included Northern Oil & Gas, Inc. (NYSE: NOG), down 9 percent, and Tidewater Inc. (NYSE: TDW), down 8 percent.

great stocks to buy now: The ExOne Company(XONE)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Peter Graham]

    A long term performance chart shows shares of Stratasys, Ltd along with other small cap 3D printing stocks like 3D Systems Corporation (NYSE: DDD), ExOne Co (NASDAQ: XONE)and Voxeljet AG (NYSE: VJET) all peaking a few years and all showing some signs of stabilization over the past year:

  • [By Paul Ausick]

    Short interest in The ExOne Co. (NASDAQ: XONE) rose by 1.6% to 2.38 million shares. About 22.1% of the company’s shareswere short. ExOne’s share price fell by nearly 13% in the two weeks. The stock’s 52-week range is $6.60 to $16.15, and shares closed at $11.11 on Friday, down about 0.7% for the day. Days to cover fell from 17 to 13.

  • [By Peter Graham]

    The Q4 2016 earnings report for small cap 3D printer stock ExOne Co (NASDAQ: XONE) is scheduled for after the marketcloses onThursday (March 16th). 3D printer stocks had their day in the sun a fewyears ago, buthave been disappointing investors eversincethe 3Dbubble burst whileHP Inc (NYSE: HPQ) entering the printer market with its Jet Fusion 3D adds further headwinds. However,3D printershares appear to have stabilized as the short interest has largely been cleared out.

  • [By Peter Graham]

    A long term performance chart shows 3D Systems Corporation outperformingother 3D printing stocks like small caps ExOne Co (NASDAQ: XONE), Stratasys, Ltd (NASDAQ: SSYS)and Voxeljet AG (NYSE: VJET) with all four peaking around the same time in 2013/2014 before crashing with some signs of stabilization over the past 1 1/2 years: