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Related FB Facebook Is Quietly Supporting This Satellite Company With 40% Upside Report: Google's VR Headset Doesn't Rely On A Smartphone Facebook, Alphabet, LinkedIn: Which Makes The Warren Buffett Screen? (Investor’s Business Daily) Tech companies have been toeing a fine line between protecting their users' privacy and complying with government requests to provide them with what they think is essential information in combating terrorism. Terror groups are becoming increasingly active on social media, using sites like Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) to recruit new members, plan attacks and spread propaganda. 5 Best Healthcare Technology Stocks To Invest In Right Now: EQT Midstream Partners, LP(EQM)   EQT Midstream Partners, LP provides natural gas transmission, storage, and gathering services in southwestern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia. It owns, operates, acquires, and develops midstream assets in the Appalachian Basin. As of February 4, 2016, the company owned 700 miles … Continue reading

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Readers who pay close attention to our annual rankings of the top-performing mutual funds may be forgiven if they exper颅ience a sense of d茅j vu with our March 2016 issue. Yes, we did publish mutual-fund rankings in our September 2015 issue. But weve decided to move our annual winners list from September to the March issue so we can base it on returns as of December 31. (On, we continue to update the rankings of top-performing mutual funds in 11 categories with new data every month.) Its fair to say that most people focus more on returns through the end of the year than they do on figures through June 30, says ex颅ecutive editor Manny Schiffres, who supervises our investing coverage. See Also: The Kiplinger 25 — Our Favorite No-Load Mutual Funds What a difference half a year makes. Between the September and March issues, the winners over longer … Continue reading

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Tax scammers are now playing the good cop/bad cop game. For months, taxpayers have been receiving aggressive and threatening phone calls from crooks who claim to be IRS agents and demand immediate payment of back taxes with a debit card or wire transfer. If the victim refuses to cooperate, they are threatened with arrest, deportation, or suspension of a business or drivers license. See Also: 9 Costly Mistakes Taxpayers Make If you get such a call, you should, of course, hang up. The IRSs first contact with taxpayers is NEVER a phone call. Now the scheme is morphing into a kinder, gentler scam. Rather than threatening to have you arrested, the caller claims to be a helpful IRS agent who simply needs to verify information in your return. Top Integrated Utility Companies To Watch In Right Now: The First of Long Island Corporation(FLIC) The First of Long Island Corporation operates … Continue reading

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Why all the confidence? Well aside from all these pundits coming out saying there is a 100% chance that we are in a recession or that a recession will start before summer the reason is thatthe data doesn’t show it. You can make up indicators that don’t really make sense either in their construction or their interpretations or you can focus on one relatively narrow segment of the economy but none of that actually means we are entering a recession. If you want to gauge the probability of a recession it might be helpful to really study the business cycle and how we enter and exit recession as well as how we do not. You then want to build a battery of models to help you interpret what is happening and what is likely to happen going forward. If you do this, and don’t focus on just one indicator, you … Continue reading

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This post was written by James Ramelli. In range bound markets traders have to switch up their trading plan. Holding positions for longer periods of time doesn’t exactly work when the market is struggling to find trend. The lack of sustained underlying trend also presents a trader with the problem of a reduced potential reward level. When markets trade in this type of low volatility and sideways environment traders must be more active in the management of their positions as well. All of these factors can make it difficult for a trader to be consistently successful. We will go over a simple trading plan that can help traders navigate this type of environment. Using standard equity options, options on futures and binary options, we will develop a strategy for trading this type of market environment. Attempting to call bottoms and tops in markets is something a trader has to do … Continue reading