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Source: Norfolk Southern. Shareholders are happy with the performance that railroad giant Norfolk Southern Corporation (NYSE: NSC  ) has put in recently, climbing to record highs as the industry emerges from an especially difficult period. But even with things looking brighter for rail transportation, Norfolk Southern has some obstacles to overcome to convince investors that its strong stock performance is justified. Let’s look at three of the most significant factors that could send shares of Norfolk Southern falling in the near future. 1. If trends toward less coal use continue, Norfolk Southern will have to work harder than some of its peers to make up the lost shipping volume elsewhere. One key question Norfolk Southern faces is whether coal will bounce back from its recent declines, as the company’s proximity to the important coal-producing areas of the Appalachian region gives it a natural advantage over Union Pacific (NYSE: UNP  ) and railroads … Continue reading

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Some of the stocks that may grab investor focus today are: Wall Street expects Fastenal Company (NASDAQ: FAST) to report its Q3 earnings at $0.41 per share on revenue of $862.54 million. Fastenal shares gained 0.88% to $50.42 in after-hours trading. Yum! Brands (NYSE: YUM) reported a 68% drop in its third-quarter profit and lowered its forecast. Yum! shares tumbled 7.02% to $66.64 in the after-hours trading session. Analysts expect Family Dollar Stores (NYSE: FDO) to report its Q4 earnings at $0.84 per share on revenue of $2.56 billion. Family Dollar shares declined 0.20% to $69.31 in after-hours trading. Alcoa (NYSE: AA) reported better-than-expected third-quarter results. Alcoa shares rose 3.02% to $8.18 in the after-hours trading session. Best Prefered Companies To Own For 2015: TASER International Inc.(TASR) TASER International, Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells electronic control devices (ECD) for use in the law enforcement, military, corrections, private security, and personal … Continue reading

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Because of a major decline in jobs during the recession, the number of nonfarm workers is up just 5% over the past 10 years. While the past decades painful recession and the slow job growth that has followed have negatively affected most Americans, certain occupations have experienced job losses that were especially severe. 24/7 Wall St. compared employment figures published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for hundreds of occupations from May of 2002 and May 2012. In that time, the estimated number of advertising and promotions managers fell by nearly two-thirds. Because of the housing crisis, many occupations in the construction sector were disproportionately hurt, while many manufacturing trades lost jobs due to structural changes in the economy. These are Americas disappearing jobs. Click here to see what jobs are disappearing According to Martin Kohli, Chief Regional Economist for the BLS, most of these occupations were concentrated in … Continue reading

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HP Acthar Gel is a drug that is approved by the FDA to treat 19 different conditionsincluding infantile spasms, multiple sclerosis, nephrotic syndrome, and rheumatology indications, such as psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, explains Briton Ryle in The Wealth Advisory. Although Questcor Pharmaceuticals (QCOR) is currently a one-drug biotech, the firm is expanding its studies of HP Achtar Gel, to grow its market share in lupus and Lou Gehrig’s disease. And Acthar Gel is likely to be approved for other conditions as well. It’s not the drug that attracted us to Questcor, it’s the revenue and earnings growth. Over the last three quarters in 2013, total revenue came in at $135 million (1Q), then $184 million (2Q), and in the last quarter, $236 million (3Q). In 2012, quarterly revenue was $90 million (1Q), $112 million (2Q), $140 million ($3Q), and $160 million (4Q). Put simply, at 80% a year for … Continue reading

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  Watch a hacker steal encrypted passwords NEW YORK (CNNMoney) Data brokers are compiling lists of people with everything from allergies to diabetes and selling the information to marketers and others. But there are ways to prevent Big Data from selling your health information to the highest bidder. Here are five things you can do to make sure your information stays private. 1. Use a different e-mail address: Many marketing lists are compiled based on the registration information you provide when you sign up for health-related websites, said Pam Dixon, executive director of the nonprofit World Privacy Forum. Once you provide your name and email address, it’s easy to match the information you provide with your other personal information, like your address, how much money you make and the things you buy. Hot New Companies To Watch In Right Now: SunPower Corp (SPWR) SunPower Corporation, incorporated in April 1985, is … Continue reading