Top 5 Small Cap Stocks To Buy For 2018

On Wednesday,our Under the Radar Moversnewsletter suggested shorting small cap aestheticdevice stock Syneron Medical Ltd (NASDAQ: ELOS):

Syneron Medical is a pretty pre-emptive trade. We’re betting that yesterday’s high-volume surge was a blowoff top, AND we’re betting today’s huge outside-day reversal is indeed a signal that all the recent buyers are now turning into....More>>>

Low Market Volatility? No Problem

Since the election, the market has brushed off everything in its path and rallied nearly 25 percent. In years like this, we often see new people pile into the market to get in on the action. But don’t forget that this bull market has really been going on for the entirety of the current decade. It just wasn’t until this year that the market really started to rally hard.


Best High Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now

When targeting the best stocks to short this month, there’s one thing all three of these companies have in common: overinflated adjusted earnings per share.

Adjusted earnings per share (EPS), or “non-GAAP earnings,” are used by companies when one quarter’s finances may appear abnormal because of one-time events. These “events” could include a restructuring....More>>>

Top 10 Bank Stocks To Invest In 2018

May 12, 2017: Here are four stocks trading with relatively heavy volume among 118 equities making new 52-week lows in Friday’s session. On the NYSE, decliners led advancers by about 9 to 7 and on the Nasdaq decliners led advancers by about 4 to 3.

J.C. Penney Co. Inc. (NYSE: JCP) posted a new 52-week low of $4.50 on Friday, down nearly 15% compared with Thursday’s closing price....More>>>

Best Bank Stocks To Buy Right Now

Those of you who are aged 50 or older have probably been working for a few decades, and you may be thinking about what comes next. Most of us dream of eventually leaving the workforce for good — but what if you haven’t even started saving for retirement yet?

First off, know you’re not alone. In fact, a recent survey found that 28% of people over age 55....More>>>

Here’s Why Amazon Will Soon Reach $2,000

There’s no question Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) is a huge market-mover.

So far this year, AMZN has gained 51.56%. Over the past five years, the stock is up a whopping 404%.

Some investors question whether it’s too late to make money from this stock. It’s not.

In fact, now may be the perfect time to accumulate more shares of Amazon.

Because now,....More>>>

Best Medical Stocks To Watch For 2018

Quick Take

iRhythm Technologies (Pending:IRTC) intends to raise up to $86.25 million in its IPO.

The company has a differentiated, long-term cardiac monitoring device that transmits data on patient heart activity.

While the company has not disclosed valuation, assuming it is in the neighborhood of $250 million, I would be in favor of the IPO stock.

To listen to this....More>>>

The ‘Weight Of Memory’ – Apple And Samsung In The New Computing Era

They shared the weight of memory

Tim OBrien The Things They Carried

Recently I re-read one of my favorite books a novel of the Vietnam War by Tim OBrien called The Things They Carried. If you havent read it, I highly recommend it. But the point for our purposes right now is that in the rereading of it I came upon the phrase I have used for the title of this two-part essay. As it....More>>>

gold stock market

January 19, 2017: Here are four stocks trading with relatively heavy volume among 56 equities making new 52-week lows in Thursday’s session. On the NYSE, decliners led advancers by about 3 to 1 and on the Nasdaq decliners led advancers by about 5 to 2.

DryShips Inc. (NASDAQ: DRYS) dropped about 35% on Thursday to post a new 52-week low of $1.04 against a 52-week high of $278.40 and....More>>>

Why Baidu Inc (ADR) Stock Could See a 20% Rally

Shares of Baidu Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:BIDU) have been struggling since its late-October earnings report. While Baidu beat on earnings per share estimates, it came up short of revenue expectations. So what should we make of the BIDU stock price being down almost 13% from its highs?

What Was So Bad About Earnings?

The BIDU stock price fell almost 8% in one day following earnings. How bad could....More>>>